Ship Handling and Simulation

Maritime Biomimetics

Are you curious how your company can benefit from the diversity of natural solutions? The Biomimetic Blue Solutions Team of the Fraunhofer CML can uncover biomimetic solutions for you and support in your bio-inspired developments.

Customized Maritime Big Data Analysis

With the introduction of the requirement of merchant ships being equipped with transmitters of the Automatic Identifcation System (AIS), efficiency and safety of the maritime transport could be increased by the automated exchange of position, speed, course and other data from ship to ship, or ship to base station. In addition to forecasting ship movements, Fraunhofer CML develops intelligent algorithms for many other applications.

Solutions for ship controlling: Autonomous Navigation and Shore Controlling System

Fraunhofer CML invents new systems for safe shipping across the oceans. Find out more about informative innovations such as the collision avoidance controller, harsh weather controller and more in this flyer.

Innovative Nautical Solutions: A Modular Testbed Framework

The future of shipping is distinguished by e-navigation, Shipping 4.0 and modern technology. Ship simulators, central data communication and modular testbed structures are needed to ensure autonomous navigation.

Customized Voyage Optimization

Voyage Optimization guarantees low-emission-travelling and cost efficiency. The potential of saving fuel goes far beyond slow steaming or taking a detour, such as e.g. optimized requirements, an adapted framework and functionality tests. Read here more about optimized weather routing.

European Maritime Simulator Network

Many institutes and companies all over Europe already have ship handling simulators for a better coordination of ship travel. The EMSN allows them to be linked together, so that a data exchange is realized. The participants can see all ships’ routes and synchronize them. Hereby, navigation faults or even accidents can be avoided.

Simulation-Based Navigational Safety Assessment

Using real-time simulation methods, the risk of ship collisions or groundings can be minimized. Especially, the methods can be used in ports to save their infra- and superstructure from unsafe navigation by guiding pilots and tugs. The system and its methods are introduced in this flyer.

Ballast Water Treatment: System Decision Support

Although ballast water is essential for the operation of modern merchant ships, there has been an increasing number of reports of ecological and economic damage in the past. The Fraunhofer CML supports by selecting the appropriate ballast water treatment system from a variety of characteristics.