Terminal Operating Systems 2016

The worldwide market of terminal operating systems is very heterogeneous. It is characterized by many providers, each of them offering various products. The range of functions of each product is quite diverse depending on its scope and purpose. The market survey is supposed to enable terminal operators to select the best product for their terminal. The third issue of this study provides an updated list of companies providing TOS systems including their products and features as well as new insights regarding future developments of software support for terminal operation.

Fleet Management Systems 2015

Overcapacities, decreasing freight rates and international and domestic regulations are exposing the shipping industry to growing challenges. Fleet management systems help to maintain an overview in these complex fields of activity. There are now more than 50 providers worldwide offering both complete and partial solutions. The most recent study "Fleet Management Systems 2015" provides a comprehensive overview of the market.

The areas of "crewing" and "weather routing" constitute a thrust area of the study, now in its third edition. The area of "crewing" is growing in importance, since staff costs account for an increasingly major share of the ship's operating costs and since new regulations are expanding the activities surrounding staff deployment and staff planning. The appropriate choice of efficient IT solutions in the area of weather routing plays an important role in shortening travel time, lowering energy consumption and increasing safety.

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Best Practice in Ship Management

In cooperation with GL, Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML conducted a study about best practices in ship management. Globally active ship management companies were contacted to contribute their idea of best practice regarding Crewing, Financial Management, Technical Management, Procurement and Quality & Safety in order to make their businesses greener, safer and smarter. To present the results to the interested public and stakeholders, a series of key events will be held around the globe.

The study is available:

Best Practice Ship Management Study 2013

Terminal Operating Systems 2014

Two years after the first edition of the study "Terminal Operating Systems 2012" Fraunhofer CML published the study not only completely updated, but also greatly extended. The new edition of "Terminal Operating Systems 2014" sets an explicit focus on the perspective of the user and provides insights into the application of the systems: What is the satisfaction with the current solutions? Where is need for improvement and which needs are still open? "The study supports the terminal operator in their decision to a system update or possibly to a whole new software," said Prof. Carlos Jahn.

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