Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

The Fraunhofer CML

The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML develops and optimizes processes and systems along the maritime supply chain. Within practically oriented research projects CML supports public and private sector clients of port operations as well as from the logistics services industry and from the shipping business.  


Newsletter 4.16

Our new Newsletter 4.16 is available for download. Topics include the analysis and visualization of freight transport, data analysis in ship management and the possibility of a cooperation between northern German ports.



MITIGATE Newsletter 02

The second newsletter presenting the innovative Risk Management System MITIGATE is available for download. The system's core is an open simulation environment that can be used to simulate and analyze possible risk scenarios in the field of cybersecurity. Furthermore these simulations can help to better predict and therefore avoid hazards in the future. Moreover the system can provide for more transparency in handling risks and hazards. MITIGATE is granted within the framework of the EU research program „Horizon 2020“ and has a duration of 30 months.

More information at: http://www.mitigateproject.eu/

Conference: Human Factor Training

On November 28, 2016 a conference dealing with the functionality of Human Factor Training within the maritime industry will be held on board the H.Q.S. Wellington. Wilko Bruhn from Fraunhofer CML will give a presentation on the topic of "Hamburg automated ship project - autonomy in shipping". IAMI (International Association of Maritime Institutions) and IMarEST (Institute of Marine Engineering Science and Technology) organized the event.

The conference program and other basic information are available for download. Please register here.


STM-Validation: Recruitment of 300 ships

Shipowners are encouraged to participate in one of the largest maritime tests ever made. A total of 300 ships will be integrated into the testbed free of charge. For further information please refer to this video and the project homepage at www.stmvalidation.eu.

For further questions and notice of participation please contact: Wilko.Bruhn@cml.fraunhofer.de


Crew Management - Not a Question of Leaving it to Chance

The crew planning software CCO developed by Fraunhofer CML is already being used by renowned companies in the ship management. Now the developers can be pleased about the evaluation of the software by the German Flag administration.

New Study "Terminal Operating Systems 2016" Released

The worldwide market of terminal operating systems is very heterogeneous. It is characterized by many providers, each of them offering various products. The market survey is supposed to enable terminal operators to select the best product for their terminal. The third issue of this study provides an updated list of companies providing TOS systems including their products and features as well as new insights regarding future developments of software support for terminal operation.


MUNIN final brochure released

After three years of research, the results of the MUNIN project for unmanned sea navigation are now published in a final brochure.

Customer Retention, Increase in Profits: New CML Study about After Sales Services

With a turnover of 12 billion euros in 2014 the maritime supply industry makes a decisive contribution
to the value added in the German maritime sector.
A customeroriented
after sales service can help the companies to increase their turnover and revenues, set
themselves apart from the competitors and create a long-term customer retention.

News from the Fleet Management: CML publishes Market Overview

Overcapacities, decreasing freight rates and international and domestic regulations are exposing the shipping industry to growing challenges.

Fleet management systems help to maintain an overview in these complex fields of activity. The most recent study "Fleet Management Systems 2015" provides a comprehensive overview of the market. The areas of "crewing" and "weather routing" constitute a thrust area of the study, now in its third edition.


New Research Project MITIGATE

Although the IT safety plays an important role for the international supply chain, the modern methods of risk management (RM) have not paid a lot of attention to it so far. Starting in September 2015, the Fraunhofer CML together with eleven partners is developing the innovative Risk Management System MITIGATE, which is intended to close this gap. MITIGATE is granted within the framework of the EU research program "Horizon 2020" and it has a duration of 30 months.