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Strategic, future-proof investment decisions and intelligent, far-sighted infrastructure measures need a reliable basis of information. Equally important is modern technology that corresponds to individual goals. One answer to these developments lies in making infrastructures and transport chains more flexible.

We in the Port and Terminal Development Group support you when it comes to developing new strategies for your business field or your location, making decisions about technologies and innovations or implementing digitalisation projects. To do this, we use intelligent methods of data collection and evaluation, new solutions for monitoring and control and innovative planning hardware. Benefit from our experience of more than ten years of maritime developments and projects. 

Macroeconomic Analysis and Management Consulting

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We provide companies and public administration with information from current and targeted surveys, studies and analyses. As a decision-making aid and sound basis for long-term and cost-intensive infrastructure projects, whose cost-benefit and regional-political significance need to be carefully examined. Combined with statements on future developments and impact assessments, the CML is thus your partner for the strategic orientation of business fields and regional planning alike. Whether short-term changes or strategic developments such as the construction of new transshipment terminals to establish the new Silk Road - our information advantage makes you confident and flexible in the uncertain environment of a continuing globalization of the world economy. 

Transformation of energy use in the port

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We address your issues and support you in developing individual answers to questions such as: Can energy costs be reduced despite increasing demands? How can the energy mix used be made climate-friendly? Can a terminal participate in the transformation of the energy source structure?

Climate change, combined with the development of new energy sources, poses major challenges to the maritime industry and the maritime transport sector. A few years ago, the production of electrical energy by wind turbines on the terminal and the use of electricity from renewable sources for cranes and AGVs were at the forefront of development. Today, entirely different topics such as transport, handling and the use of other energy sources such as LNG and hydrogen have come into focus. Your topics are our topics, whether in the present or the future. We will find the right solution for you - today.

Digitization and automation

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The use of digital solutions increases the efficiency of a port's operations and its specific transport chains, simplifies complex processes, or reduces energy consumption. Along the maritime transport chain, digital networking additionally offers opportunities to improve the efficiency and safety of all processes. And in the port, the provision of a comprehensive data transmission network is a mandatory prerequisite for the operation of partially or fully automated vehicles on the terminal, in the air or on the water. We support terminal and port operators in analyzing and classifying the existing digitization situation and developing a strategic approach for the further development or new conception of relevant business areas.

Process optimization and application of new technologies

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We make new technologies and planning tools market-ready for use in the maritime work environment. From the use of augmented reality (AR) on terminals and in the port, for the anticipation and optimization of maintenance or inspection processes, to digital planning tables for the visualization of terminals, handling and transport processes and for the display of additional information from drone flights and voyages. Additional information during work or the simultaneous execution and viewing of simulations - supplement processes in your company with modern technologies for competitive advantages and optimized work processes. We examine your needs and develop the appropriate processes with you.

Current Publications


Cyber-Security in the maritime Supply Chain

The final brochure on the EU project MITIGATE has been published. The aim of the research project was to develop a risk management system for the IT infrastructure of the maritime transport chain in order to prevent damage caused by malware or cyber attacks. Read more about the software solution in the Project Results.

Digitalization of Seaports

What opportunities does digitisation offer seaports? The Fraunhofer CML and the Hamburg Port Authority have now jointly published a book on the subject. It is available at www.verlag.fraunhofer.de. A brief insight is provided in our brochure.