Ports and Transport Markets

Ports and Transport Markets

Ports and Transport Markets

Ongoing globalization, the availability of innovative technologies and rapidly changing market requirements are altering maritime supply chains. Making infrastructures and transport chains more flexible is one answer to these developments. CML supports its customers with market development trend studies and assists with strategic, futureoriented investment decisions.


Core Competences:

• Data processing and statistical analyses of traffic volumes and transportation demand
• Simulation-based determination of traffic projections for strategic infrastructure development
• Cost-benefit analyses, infrastructure and technology assessments
• Use of planning tables for visually supported port and terminal planning
• Software applications for process modeling and logistics simulation

Research Priorities


Digitisation and Port Technologies - Port of the Future


Forecasts and potentials - ports, shipping, hinterland


The port as an intermodal hub - the core of logistical value creation

Current Publications


Cyber-Security in the maritime Supply Chain

The final brochure on the EU project MITIGATE has been published. The aim of the research project was to develop a risk management system for the IT infrastructure of the maritime transport chain in order to prevent damage caused by malware or cyber attacks. Read more about the software solution in the Project Results.

Digitalization of Seaports

What opportunities does digitisation offer seaports? The Fraunhofer CML and the Hamburg Port Authority have now jointly published a book on the subject. It is available at www.verlag.fraunhofer.de. A brief insight is provided in our brochure.