Project Description

Project Goals:

The project aims to use as much public data as possible for the forecasts, in addition to historical data, in order to enable improved route and deployment planning in the port. In particular, use will be made of mCLOUD, a data portal operated by the BMVI for open data with a focus on transport and infrastructure. At the same time, the forecasts will be published in an open format that is as user-friendly as possible.


In the run-up to truck dispatch, strongly fluctuating dispatch times are often the rule today - often accompanied by unacceptable dwell times at the locations. In this context, the project KIK-Lee deals with the use of suitable AI methods for the reliable prediction of truck arrival rates and handling times at logistic nodes.

Role of the CML in KIK-Lee:

Together with partners from industry, the Fraunhofer CML is developing an innovative forecast portal that is based on data evaluation in order to avoid waiting times, among other things.

Project Consortium:

The project is carried out within the framework of the funding guidelines for the Modernity Fund ("mFUND") and is funded by the BMVI. As a project partner from industry, HCS Hamburger Container Service GmbH supports us in this project.