Project Description

Project Goals:

The goal of the BEYOND project is to develop new approaches to the study and ergonomic design of navigation systems.


An increasing number of digital systems are used on board ships to transmit information on ship operation, navigation, communication and safety. This results in an increasing workload for the crew, because more systems do not automatically improve situational awareness. This situation is investigated in BEYOND: A test methodology for the investigation and evaluation of maritime HMI (Human-Machine-Interface) is developed in a new simulation-based test environment to be created. It is used to research, develop and evaluate the implementation of innovative HMIs for route monitoring and collision avoidance and to derive best practices for navigation systems based on classical screen technology. In addition, novel interaction and visualization technologies such as augmented or virtual reality for shore-based monitoring and decision-making systems will be investigated in the test environment.

Role of the CML in BEYOND:

The CML is instrumental in exploring novel interaction and visualization technologies such as augmented reality and the use of virtual reality as a simulation tool.

Project consortium:

Fraunhofer CML, Fraunhofer FKIE