Newsletters 2020

Newsletter 4.20 from 16.12.2020. Topics: SeaML - the CML's autonomous research boat, AI use in optimizing empty container processes, developments for the Internet of Things in the port, Maritime Innovation Update MIU - the CML's new digital lecture series.

Newsletter 3.20 from 05.10.2020. Topics: 10th Anniversary of Fraunhofer CML, Autonomous Surface Vessels, Visualization of Power Consumption on Terminals, Personnel Planning 2.0 .


Newsletter 2.20 from 24.06.2020. Topics: European Maritime Simulator Network EMSN; Improvement of VHF Communication for SAR; Examples of Customized Data Evaluation.

Newsletter 1.20 from 17.03.2020. Topics: Robots and AI fight Marine Pollution; Dynamic Planning and Simulation for Intermodal Transport Terminals; Artificial Intelligence for Automation on Board and in Ports.