White Paper Maintenance Management released

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A proper technical management and crewing of ships are nowadays of high importance, since expenses for crew as well as for maintenance make up a major part of the operating costs of merchant vessels. A smart integration of maintenance tasks into crew scheduling procedures is a key factor for an effective resource utilization and safe ship operation. Modern ways to improve their interaction based on mathematical optimization are presented in the latest white paper "Maintenance Management. Mathematically Optimized." of Fraunhofer CML.  

White Paper "Ship Operation 4.0" - Navigation aid for the digitalization of ship operation

On board the latest generation of ships, a large amount of data is now collected that maps different functional areas - from the deployment of personnel and cargo to the individual technical components such as propulsion, power supply and auxiliary equipment. As more and more information, measured values and sensor data is collected, the expectations of shipowners, ship managers and the maritime supply industry for an intelligent use of this data increase: Processes should become leaner and more productive, ship operation more efficient, more sustainable and safer. However, it is far less clear today what the necessary prerequisites are for this, with which mechanisms the digitalization of ship operation can create added value and which individual areas of design can be opened up.

Over the past two years, experts from the maritime industry and the scientific community have been working in a group of the Shipbuilding Society e.V. entitled "Ship Operation 4.0" on the question of what value-adding use of digital data could look like in the future in order to increase the profitability of ship operation and further develop ship management functions on board and ashore. The findings obtained are summarised in the form of solution approaches, fields of action and technology trends in the white paper "Ship Operation 4.0" and can serve the maritime industry as a navigation aid for the data-based increase in efficiency of ship operation. The white paper "Ship Operation 4.0" has been published by Fraunhofer-Verlag and can be obtained by interested parties for a nominal fee.


Study Fleet Management Systems 2018

The latest issue of the study series "Fleet Management Systems" has been published! 

As with every new edition, we have identified new focal points and performance components of the software solutions this year: data integration and condition based maintenance. The study series examined 33 providers in 2011 and 38 providers in 2017/2018. Their confidence in the market is strong. While the estimated market growth for 2016 was expected to be between 5 and 11%, the expectations for 2018 are between 14 and 16%.  

"Fleet Management Systems 2018" is available in English as an EBook and in print at

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Digitalization of Seaports

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Fraunhofer CML and the Hamburg Port Authority have jointly published a book on the chances of digitizing seaports. It is available at A brief insight can be found in our brochure.

Digitalization of Service in the Maritime Supplier Industry


The new VDMA study "Digitisation of Service in the Maritime Supplier Industry" highlights important findings for the future of the maritime economy in Germany. The Fraunhofer CML supported the AG Marine Equipment and Systems of the VDMA in carrying out the study.  

Terminal Operating Systems 2016

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The worldwide market of terminal operating systems is very heterogeneous. It is characterized by many providers, each of them offering various products. The range of functions of each product is quite diverse depending on its scope and purpose. The market survey is supposed to enable terminal operators to select the best product for their terminal. The third issue of this study provides an updated list of companies providing TOS systems including their products and features as well as new insights regarding future developments of software support for terminal operation.

Best Practice in Ship Management

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In cooperation with GL, Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML conducted a study about best practices in ship management. Globally active ship management companies were contacted to contribute their idea of best practice regarding Crewing, Financial Management, Technical Management, Procurement and Quality & Safety in order to make their businesses greener, safer and smarter. To present the results to the interested public and stakeholders, a series of key events will be held around the globe.

The study is available:

Best Practice Ship Management Study 2013