Newsletters 2019

Newsletter 4.19 from 03.12.2019; Topics (among others): Determination of pollutants in emissions in ocean shipping, IoT applications (Internet of Things) in ports as well as joint optimization of crewing and maintenance on board.  

Newsletter 3.19 from 01.10.2019; Topics (among others): Determination of the employment effects of German ports, digitalization of ship operation and exchange of maritime data via one platform for all.  

Newsletter 2.19 from 20.06.2019; Topics: Support for DGzRS maritime radio communication, progress in the development of remote-controlled port tugs, preparation for autonomous vehicles in ports and a review of the Maritime Innovation Insights MII 2019.

Newsletter 1.19 from 13.03.2019; Topics: Inspection of ship hulls by underwater vehicles, increase of efficiency and safety of shipping by AIS data analysis of maritime traffic areas as well as the integration of maintenance tasks into the optimised personnel planning of large ship fleets.