Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

The Fraunhofer CML

The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML develops and optimizes processes and systems along the maritime supply chain. Within practically oriented research projects CML supports public and private sector clients of port operations as well as from the logistics services industry and from the shipping business.  


10 Years of Innovative Research - Fraunhofer CML celebrates its Anniversary

On October 7, 2020, the Fraunhofer CML celebrated its 10th anniversary with a senate reception in the Hamburg City Hall. Read more about this and our first ten years in our press release and in our brochure "Auf Kurs"!

CML-Newsletter 3.20 released

Here you can find the current newsletter of the CML. In this issue you can read about our 10th anniversary, tasks of autonomous work boats and personnel planning 2.0. We hope you enjoy reading!


Online-Workshop "Inside EMSN": CML presents simulator network

On 25 June 2020, the CML presented the possibilities of maritime training in the European Maritime Simulator Network. Please find further information below!

SMM 2021 - CML presents new solutions

With more than 2,200 exhibitors and 50,000 trade visitors from all over the world, SMM maintains its position as the world's leading trade fair for the maritime industry. The CML will be exhibiting from February 2-5 at the Fraunhofer stand in Hall B6; this time with a focus on autonomous surface and underwater vehicles, remote-controlled harbor tugs and optimized crew scheduling in connection with on-board maintenance tasks.


New research project SeaClear launched

The latest research project of the Fraunhofer CML aims to clean the oceans with the help of robots and artificial intelligence. In SeaClear, unmanned surface and underwater vehicles and drones will identify, map and collect marine debris.


#COVID-19 - Information for our customers

The current restrictions imposed by the corona pandemic have changed our daily lives. All CML employees are in their home office and work out of there. Some upcoming events are already postponed (current information on this page or here). This way we can ensure the protection of our customers and employees against infection. Further information on how Fraunhofer deals with this challenge can be found below. Stay safe!



Support of the crew management of Carnival Maritime

The crew planning software SCEDAS®, developed by CML, is already in use on container and bulk carriers worldwide. Now, SCEDAS® supports Carnival Maritime's planners with the calculation of detailed work plans for each individual seafarer using mathematical optimization techniques. Efficient planning algorithms can continuously update individual work plans during a voyage.


Fraunhofer at the Oceanology International 2020

From December 1 to 3, 2020, the entire maritime sector, from research to industry, meets in London. This year, Subsea@Fraunhofer will once again present itself alongside other scientific institutions and marine technology companies at the North German stand and showcase its range of underwater technologies. The CML presents the research project RoboVaaS.

  • RoboVaaS (cmsr-author.ws.fraunhofer.de)

CML at the Crew Connect Europe

The Fraunhofer CML will present the crew planning tool SCEDAS at the Crew Connect Europe 2020 from September 15-16, 2020 and will give a lecture on the software solution. SCEDAS develops mathematically optimized crew schedules, which take into account the compliance of the crew with the tasks at hand, but also the specified rest periods. Due to the actual situation the Crew Connect Europe 2020 will take place as a digital event.

Exhibition at the Digital Ship Maritime CIO Forum Hamburg

At the Digital Ship CIO Forum 2020 in Hamburg, CML will present its latest developments in crew management at a stand in the Hotel Hafen Hamburg. The head of our team "Maritime Scientific Computing and Optimization" will give a presentation on new concepts in crew planning. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the event is postponed and a new date not fixed yet.


Project B ZERO: CML develops the watchfree bridge

In our new research project "B ZERO", the CML designs the concept of the watchfree bridge. Under the leadership of the CML, funded by the program "Maritime Technologien der nächsten Generation" (Next Generation of Maritime Technologies), sensor technologies and decision support systems are being developed to enable a temporary watchfree bridge on merchant ships.

COOKIE - Container Services Optimized by Artificial Intelligence

Start of a new research project in the Port of Hamburg: The Hamburger Container- und Chassis-Reparatur-Gesellschaft mbH (HCCR) and the CML are working in COOKIE on the use of AI to improve the availability, cleaning and repair of containers in an empty container depot.

COOKIE is supported by the programme "Innovative Port Technologies" of the BMVI. The CML will focus in particular on the research of AI models for image-based damage identification (keyword Computer Vision) and the optimization of tank container cleaning.

RoboVaaS at the MarTERA Conference

At the conference of the MarTERA funding programme in Trondheim in September, the results of the project to date were presented, including the test ship built at the CML and the solutions for underwater communication and orientation. Read more about RoboVaaS in the MarTERA Newsletter.


Information Security in Maritime Transport

The CML is a member of the BSI Expert Group (BSI: Federal Office for Information Security) for more cyber security in maritime transport. In this context, the IT-Grundschutzkompendium for shipping companies will be developed. The CML will contribute competences from the fields of information security and software security for maritime developments as well as from organizational and technical ship operation.

International Symposium "Digital Platforms for Maritime Safety and Security Applications"

Within the framework of the National Master Plan Maritime Technologies NMMT, the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy promotes the "Expansion of Germany as a high-tech location for maritime technologies and the strengthening of the technological excellence of German marine technology". In view of the complex framework conditions of the maritime economy resulting from external influences and opportunities from digitization and technological developments, new developments in the fields of "Safety and Security" will be shown and discussed at the symposium on 23 to 24 October 2019 in Bremerhaven. The CML will exhibit the research projects ARTUS and TINA.


SCIPPER: Shipping Contributions to Inland Pollution Push for the Enforcement of Regulations

In the SCIPPER project, 18 research partners are investigating which tools can be used to measure pollutants in ship exhaust gases. The CML is developing an onboard sensor system for measuring ship emissions and an environmental shipping monitoring center.


KRISO and CML launch Asia-Pacific Maritime Simulator Network APMSN

The CML and the Korea Research Institute of Ships & Ocean Engineering (KRISO) have made a great step forward in their relationship and for the international nautical research society: Together they inaugurated the Asia-Pacific Maritime Simulator Network APMSN.

Newest Documents for Download

Biomimetics in the Maritime Industry

Biomimetics deals with the transfer of natural phenomena to technical solutions. In the AIRCOAT project, a film is being developed at CML that imitates a special plant property and is intended to reduce the water resistance of ship hulls. Read more about the project in our latest publication (Copyright: Ship & Offshore).

Machine Learning in Maritime Logistics

Machine Learning (ML) is an application of artificial intelligence. Based on the evaluation of large amounts of data, ML can be used to optimize or automate processes and to support decisions in complex tasks. Exemplary applications in maritime logistics are the improvement of operational processes and maintenance forecasts.

Download our information and get inspired!


SCEDAS Timekeeper

The analysis of all tasks on board, their durations and the qualifications of involved crew is the prerequisite for the assessment of crew demands. Furthermore, analyses of the gathered data provide insights into the work processes on board and give valuable support for business decisions.

Find out more, what SCEDAS® Timekeeper can do for you!

White Paper Maintenance Management released

A proper technical management and crewing of ships are nowadays of high importance, since expenses for crew as well as for maintenance make up a major part of the operating costs of merchant vessels. A smart integration of maintenance tasks into crew scheduling procedures is a key factor for an effective resource utilization and safe ship operation. Modern ways to improve their interaction based on mathematical optimization are presented in the latest white paper of Fraunhofer CML.



News from the European Maritime Simulator Network EMSN-Connect

CADETS, OFFICERS AND NAVIGATORS NOW EXPERIENCE COOPERATIVE TRAINING - this is the idea of EMSN Connect. Today, more than 10 maritime simulation centers with over 30 bridges are involved in the network. They use the platform for joint testing of new solutions for maritime communication and navigation as well as for training nautical personnel. For this purpose, complex virtual environments are created that provide realistic manoeuvring conditions. Read more in our flyer! 


Autonomous Vehicles in Ports


How should ports, understood as the community of companies and organisations operating in them, prepare for the arrival of automated or autonomous vehicles?

Answers to these questions can be found in the new study "Autonomous Vehicles' Impact on Port Infrastructure Requirements" presented by the CML at the IAPH World Congress in China. Read the summary:



The Future of maritime Navigation and Communication

What is the current status of information exchange in maritime navigation and communication? How do companies in maritime shipping make use of the new possibilities of data exchange and information transmission? And can efficiency and safety in maritime shipping be improved sustainably?  

The Maritime Connectivity Platform MCP provides answers to these questions.



Study Fleet Management Systems 2018 Published

The Fraunhofer CML provides help for the orientation and selection of fleet management systems. The current edition of the study "Fleet Management Systems" presents the scope of services of the software solutions in detail. Read more about the study here: 

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