Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

Welcome to Fraunhofer CML!

The Fraunhofer CML

The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML develops and optimizes processes and systems along the maritime supply chain. Within practically oriented research projects CML supports public and private sector clients of port operations as well as from the logistics services industry and from the shipping business.  



AIRCOAT: Revolution in ship hull coating?

The project AIRCOAT: an innovative, self-adhesive film system for ship hulls will be launched under the direction of Fraunhofer CML on May 1st. It is based on the model from nature: the salvinia plant, which holds a thin layer of air between its leaves and the water. Applied to the hulls, this effect can reduce water resistance and fuel consumption by 25%. Red more about this innovation here

New CML Newsletter 1.18

 The new newsletter 1.18 is now available for download. The following topics are addressed in the current issue: Improvement of Container inspection use of non-intrusive technologies / MII - Maritime Innovation Insights of the CML lectures on ports and shipping of the future / Realistic nautical traffic simulations in endlish channel and southern Baltic Sea / Risk Assessment for IT Infrastructures - Maritime Cyber Security in focus




MII - Maritime Innovation Insights

The presentation event of the Fraunhofer CML presents the latest research results. Decisive topics are: Digitalization in seaports, decision optimization by means of mathematical procedures and nautical assistance systems. On May 3, 2018, researchers and other speakers will present innovative developments and projects in these fields from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the TU in Harburg.
The detailed program can be found on our website in March 2018.

New MITIGATE Brochure about Maritime Security

  The final brochure on the EU project MITIGATE has been published. The research project aimed at developing a risk management system for the IT infrastructure of the maritime transport chain in order to ward off damage caused by malware or cyber attacks. Read about the software solution here.



HHIS-Hamburg innovation Suimmits

The Hamburg Innovation Summit is a platform for new technologies and innovations for networking the visionaries and founders with the future makers from politics, business and science. The Fraunhofer intitute shares a booth with the CAN, IME and MEVIS.


New CML Newsletter 4.17

 The new newsletter 4.17 is now available for download. The following topics are addressed in the current issue: New study on fleet management systems / Coupling of layout planning and simulation of terminals / Optimisation of procurement of spare parts / Data input for European transport policy




Professional mariners wanted as test participants

The simulation program EMSN is working to improve the exchange of information and route guidance in maritime transport and to reduce waiting times in ports. For the next simulation runswe are looking for captains, pilots and ship officers. Information and registration can be found here 

Read more about the experiences and impressions of participants of past simulation runs

MITIGATE Newsletter 03

The third newsletter presenting the innovative Risk Management System MITIGATE is available for download. MITIGATE is forthcoming as a cloud solution. As soon as business processes are started, they are examined with external information on current threats and safety precautions. In early summer 2017, the implementation phase begins, in which partners and companies can get to know and to use the software.

More information at: http://www.mitigateproject.eu/


Offshore-Wind Parks - Optimization of Logistics Costs

How are offshore wind parks built and maintained at a low cost level? Is there an optimal logistics concept? Can operating costs be reduced by improved processes? These important questions are answered by the dissertation "Simulation-based Evaluation of Operation and Maintenance Logistics Concepts for Offshore Wind Power Plants" by Dr. Torsten Münsterberg, scientist at Fraunhofer CML


Digitalization of Seaports

What opportunities does digitalization offer to seaports? This question is posed by many decision-makers in the port sector and the maritime supply chain. The Fraunhofer CML and the Hamburg Port Authority have now published a book together. Find the brochure here, which gives you a first insight into the results. The book can be ordered from www.verlag.fraunhofer.de


STM Services in Practice

The Sea Traffic Management project presents itself in a new and informative short film illustrating the advantages and services of the project. Join the M/S Validator on its way from New York to Umeå, Sweden, and see the STM services in practice. Enjoy!

New Study "Terminal Operating Systems 2016" Released

The worldwide market of terminal operating systems is very heterogeneous. It is characterized by many providers, each of them offering various products. The market survey is supposed to enable terminal operators to select the best product for their terminal. The third issue of this study provides an updated list of companies providing TOS systems including their products and features as well as new insights regarding future developments of software support for terminal operation.


MUNIN final brochure released

After three years of research, the results of the MUNIN project for unmanned sea navigation are now published in a final brochure.