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The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML develops innovative solutions for the maritime sector and the maritime supply chain. We support companies and institutions from shipping, port management and logistics in initiating and implementing future-oriented technologies and processes. 




Project I2PANEMA wins ITEA Award 2023

The I2PANEMA project aimed to optimize efficiency and sustainability in ports by developing a standardized IoT software solution. Based on a reference architecture for IT applications, new and running applications can exchange data more easily and securely in the future. For this development, the project received the "ITEA Award 2023 for Exceptional Excellence".


New Product Sheet on Cybersecurity

It is a major challenge for both integrators and shipping companies to conduct cybersecurity tests for different topologies and components


New Product Sheet on SCEDAS

Optimized Crew Deployment Across the Fleet


New Product: Customized Solutions for Data Sharing

The product is based on the successful project Mission.


Maritime Innovation Update - online updates every Friday at 12 noon

What is the status of new innovations for the maritime industry? What practical solutions are there and what is currently being researched? Sign up for our MIU Maritime Innovation Updates - solutions and innovations for the maritime industry in 15 minutes.  

Selected Documents for Download


Newsletter 2.23

Read about our offer for Hamburg's economy in terms of quantum computing, our new study for testing AI systems and how ports can save electricity and costs in the latest newsletter.


New study on autonomous ships

Arguments for autonomous shipping can be found in more favorable cost structures and more punctual travel times. The authors of our new study have examined these relationships in detail. Read more in the extended outline of the study and order the full study!


Quantum Computing in Maritime Logistics

The Fraunhofer CML combines knowledge and experience in maritime logistics, mathematical optimization, and quantum computing, making it the perfect candidate to support businesses in adopting this new technology. Read about new applications in our White Paper!


AR Deployment on Board - New White Paper Published

The use of augmented reality offers great opportunities to perform maneuvers even more safely and efficiently than before. Read our new white paper to find out what opportunities are opening up and how we support companies in implementing them.


Project B ZERO: CML develops the watchfree bridge

In our new research project "B ZERO", the CML designs the concept of the watchfree bridge. Under the leadership of the CML, funded by the program "Maritime Technologien der nächsten Generation" (Next Generation of Maritime Technologies), sensor technologies and decision support systems are being developed to enable a temporary watchfree bridge on merchant ships.

Biomimetic Solutions - Nature Inspired Technological Advancement

Evolution over the past three billion years has generated a diversity of biological solutions. Biomimetics can function as a strategic concept to create highly innovative and sustainable biomimetic solutions throughout all industries. FInd out more in our product sheet. 

SCEDAS - Workforce Planning. Mathematically Optimized.

SCEDAS® is a software system for personnel deployment that supports the planner in calculating detailed work schedules. Read here how SCEDAS® makes personnel planning more flexible and helps to optimize it.


Study "Machine Learning in Maritime Logistics"

Download the study on "Machine Learning in Maritime Logistics" now and read about it in the HANSA International Maritime Journal!

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