LEC Sustainable Shipping Forum

At the LSSTF, experts from around the world present their research on sustainable shipping issues.

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Sea Traffic and Nautical Solutions

Autonomous as well as nautical and digital systems make up this research area. They are complemented by the application of biomimetic approaches.

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Ports and Transport Markets

In port applications, digitalisation can help to establish reliable forecasts, reduce costs, react quickly and efficiently to disruptions and ensure smooth handling.

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Ship and Information Management

Learn more about intelligent information systems, machine learning and human resources and maintenance management using digitalisation mechanisms.

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The Fraunhofer CML

The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML develops innovative solutions for the maritime sector and the maritime supply chain. We support companies and institutions from shipping, port management and logistics in initiating and implementing future-oriented technologies and processes. 



NEW: Maritime Innovation Update - online updates every Friday at 12 noon

What is the status of new innovations for the maritime industry? What practical solutions are there and what is currently being researched? Sign up for our MIU Maritime Innovation Updates - solutions and innovations for the maritime industry in 15 minutes.  

Newsletter 1.21 available

Read our current newsletter now with the topics: Artificial intelligence for port terminals - current market overview published, flexible workforce planning - mastering new requirements efficiently, hydrogen - added value for the maritime industry and logistics. 


New TOS-Study 2021

Targeted data analysis enables almost infinite possibilities for gaining specific information and optimizing processes, and the evolution of AI use is far from complete. Learn more in our study on Terminal Operating Systems (TOS) on the implications of AI on the way terminals are managed today and in the near future.


Fraunhofer Newsletter 4.20

Read here our newest Newsletter 4.20 with the topics: SeaML - the CML's autonomous research boat, AI use in optimizing empty container processes, developments for the Internet of Things in the port, Maritime Innovation Update MIU - the CML's new digital lecture series.

10 Years of Innovative Research - Fraunhofer CML celebrates its Anniversary

On October 7, 2020, the Fraunhofer CML celebrated its 10th anniversary with a senate reception in the Hamburg City Hall. Read more about this and our first ten years in our press release and in our brochure "Auf Kurs"!


New research project SeaClear launched

The latest research project of the Fraunhofer CML aims to clean the oceans with the help of robots and artificial intelligence. In SeaClear, unmanned surface and underwater vehicles and drones will identify, map and collect marine debris.


Support of the crew management of Carnival Maritime

The crew planning software SCEDAS®, developed by CML, is already in use on container and bulk carriers worldwide. Now, SCEDAS® supports Carnival Maritime's planners with the calculation of detailed work plans for each individual seafarer using mathematical optimization techniques. Efficient planning algorithms can continuously update individual work plans during a voyage.


Project B ZERO: CML develops the watchfree bridge

In our new research project "B ZERO", the CML designs the concept of the watchfree bridge. Under the leadership of the CML, funded by the program "Maritime Technologien der nächsten Generation" (Next Generation of Maritime Technologies), sensor technologies and decision support systems are being developed to enable a temporary watchfree bridge on merchant ships.

Newest Documents for Download

SCEDAS - Workforce Planning. Mathematically Optimized.

SCEDAS® is a software system for personnel deployment that supports the planner in calculating detailed work schedules. Read here how SCEDAS® makes personnel planning more flexible and helps to optimize it.

Our Offer: Maritime Data Check

To bridge the gap between latest solutions in digitization and practical implementation, Fraunhofer CML offers a Maritime Data Check. Take a look at our product sheet to learn more! 


Study "Machine Learning in Maritime Logistics"

Download the study on "Machine Learning in Maritime Logistics" now and read about it in the HANSA International Maritime Journal!


Green Shipping - Weatherrouting for efficiency increase

Shipping transports 90% of global goods while consuming 276 mega tonnes of fuel annually. This leads to an emission of 940 mega tonnes of CO2 and a contribution to 2.5 % of global Greenhouse Gas emissions annually. One approach to reduce these emissions is the application of adaptive weather routing solutions developed at Fraunhofer CML

Biomimetics in the Maritime Industry

Biomimetics deals with the transfer of natural phenomena to technical solutions. In the AIRCOAT project, a film is being developed at CML that imitates a special plant property and is intended to reduce the water resistance of ship hulls. Read more about the project in our latest publication (Copyright: Ship & Offshore).


SCEDAS Timekeeper

The analysis of all tasks on board, their durations and the qualifications of involved crew is the prerequisite for the assessment of crew demands. Furthermore, analyses of the gathered data provide insights into the work processes on board and give valuable support for business decisions.

Find out more, what SCEDAS® Timekeeper can do for you!

White Paper Maintenance Management released

A proper technical management and crewing of ships are nowadays of high importance, since expenses for crew as well as for maintenance make up a major part of the operating costs of merchant vessels. A smart integration of maintenance tasks into crew scheduling procedures is a key factor for an effective resource utilization and safe ship operation. Modern ways to improve their interaction based on mathematical optimization are presented in the latest white paper of Fraunhofer CML.



News from the European Maritime Simulator Network EMSN-Connect

CADETS, OFFICERS AND NAVIGATORS NOW EXPERIENCE COOPERATIVE TRAINING - this is the idea of EMSN Connect. Today, more than 10 maritime simulation centers with over 30 bridges are involved in the network. They use the platform for joint testing of new solutions for maritime communication and navigation as well as for training nautical personnel. For this purpose, complex virtual environments are created that provide realistic manoeuvring conditions. Read more in our flyer! 

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