Study on Cost and Quality of Service Implications of MASS

Autonomous ships are coming to stay. This study aims to show the cost structure of an autonomously operated bulk carrier in the baltic sea in comparison to a traditional bulk carrier. Moreover the possible implications on a supply chain using MASS are explored via a sensitivity analysis of inventory costs. This is based on the hypothesis that autonomous ships will facilitate more reliable travel times and higher punctuality compared to manned vessels.

In the study, the authors Julius Küchle, Hannah Pache and Hans-Christoph Burmeister explain the expected cost savings due to MASS on the carrier side as well as the potential value creation in supply chains using these services. 


Title:                            Study on Cost and Quality-of-Service Implications of MASS

Authors:                      Julius Küchle, Hannah Pache, Hans-Christoph Burmeister   

Year of publication:   2022

Language:                   English

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