Project Description

Project Goals:

Development of innovative Internet-of-Things (IoT) solutions within the process flows of inland and seaports. Within the framework of I2PANEMA, a reference architecture will be derived that includes recommendations for standards, interfaces and applications. It is intended to support European ports in the development of compatible IoT solutions and thus further strengthen their competitiveness.


The Internet of Things offers a fascinating vision for port logistics, with self-steering container stackers, intelligent light towers and autonomous gantry cranes being integrated into optimized operations at port terminals. The self-controlling container in agile logistics chains is also found in this vision. Devices, machines and systems that network with each other in the digital world and take on and process tasks themselves, autonomously and efficiently - this is the world of the Internet of Things. It will take some time before this vision becomes a reality in the world's ports. A wide range of technological options for implementing the IoT are available, but as diverse as the choice of IoT technology is, so are the solutions.

Role of the CML in I2PANEMA:

The CML accompanies the partners from a scientific and developmental perspective and coordinates their activities.

Project consortium:

University of Rostock, Materna SE, DSW21, HPA as well as other companies and research institutions, Fraunhofer IML and Fraunhofer CML.