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Study on Fleet Management Systems 2021 published

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In order to adequately meet the challenges nowadays, the use of an efficient ship and fleet management system that is tailored to the company‘s own needs is more important than ever. As in previous years, the range and variety of solutions available on the market for fleet management systems continues to grow, giving interested parties a large number of potential providers as well as products and services to choose from.

Fraunhofer CML conducted this market survey to provide shipping companies with insight and orientation on the solutions available on the market as well as on general market developments. For this reason, this edition of our survey has a separate section dedicated to the Corona pandemic.

With this in mind, let us see the current situation not just as a crisis, but above all as a catalyst for increasing digitization and for the development of innovative, efficient IT solutions.

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Latest edition of the "Terminal Operating Systems" study published

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A series of innovations over the last decade has made terminal operating systems (TOS) around the world more productive, lean and independent. Above all, the extensive data collection of technical and IT systems is now laying the foundation for the use of artificial intelligence. Goal-oriented data analysis enables almost infinite possibilities for gaining specific information and optimizing processes, and the development of AI use is far from complete. But more and more vendors and users of TOS are beginning to realize this enormous potential. They expect AI to open up opportunities for more coordinated and efficient operations, reduced energy consumption and seamless communications.

That's why this year's study on TOS focuses on the implications of AI on how terminals are managed today and in the near future. It provides information about the systems on the market today and presents their respective capabilities in a clear and comparable way. In this way, the study also aims to provide a basis for selection and decision-making processes.

Here you can find more information about the study! 

White Paper Maintenance Management released

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A proper technical management and crewing of ships are nowadays of high importance, since expenses for crew as well as for maintenance make up a major part of the operating costs of merchant vessels. A smart integration of maintenance tasks into crew scheduling procedures is a key factor for an effective resource utilization and safe ship operation. Modern ways to improve their interaction based on mathematical optimization are presented in the latest white paper "Maintenance Management. Mathematically Optimized." of Fraunhofer CML.  

Digitalization of Service in the Maritime Supply Industry


The months of the Corona pandemic have highlighted the benefits and necessity of digitization. Together with the VDMA, we have conducted two studies (in German) to investigate the additional opportunities that digitization offers for service in the maritime supply industry. Both studies can be downloaded free of charge below.

The new VDMA study "Digitalization of Service in the Maritime Supplier Industry" reveals important insights for the future of the maritime industry in Germany. Fraunhofer CML supported the Marine Equipment and Systems AG of the VDMA in conducting the study. Read our press release here. Together with the VDMA, we have investigated the additional opportunities that digitalization offers for service in the maritime supply industry in two studies.

You can download the study Digitalization of Service in the Maritime Supplier Industry here

With a turnover of 12 billion euros in 2014, the maritime supply industry makes a decisive contribution to the industry's value creation. Through customer-focused after-sales service, companies can increase sales and earnings, differentiate themselves from the competition and create long-term customer loyalty.

The results of the study show that after-sales services in the maritime supply industry should be developed further above all to minimize downtimes for customers. High spare parts availability is a decisive criterion for many customers when choosing a supplier. In the view of the CML, this results in a need for innovative service strategies and logistics concepts.

Together with the VDMA, we have conducted two studies to investigate the additional opportunities that digitalization offers for service in the maritime supply industry.

You can download the study on after-sales services here


Digitalization of Seaports

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Fraunhofer CML and the Hamburg Port Authority have jointly published a book on the chances of digitizing seaports. It is available at A brief insight can be found in our brochure.

Best Practice in Ship Management

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In cooperation with GL, Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML conducted a study about best practices in ship management. Globally active ship management companies were contacted to contribute their idea of best practice regarding Crewing, Financial Management, Technical Management, Procurement and Quality & Safety in order to make their businesses greener, safer and smarter. To present the results to the interested public and stakeholders, a series of key events will be held around the globe.

The study is available:

Best Practice Ship Management Study 2013