Project Description

Project Goals:

An essential work task of a crew is the scheduled maintenance of ship components. Consideration of maintenance targets in personnel planning with SCEDAS provides decision support for collaborative management of personnel and maintenance. The mathematical planning algorithms determine, on the one hand, the necessary staffing ratio to meet maintenance targets on time, taking into account the ship's operations, and, on the other hand, quantitative decision support for the design of the maintenance plan.   


The advancing digitalization on board and the new possibilities of data exchange between ship and shore now offer the opportunity to interconnect individual areas of ship management even more than in the past. With the help of data-based processes, improved situation-specific recommendations for action can thus be developed. The SCEDAS planning tool developed by Fraunhofer CML provides a powerful basis for this.

Project consortium: 

PLAIN is being carried out by Fraunhofer CML and funded by the Hamburg Ministry of Economics, Transport and Innovation for a period of one year.