Project Description

Project Goals:

In the H2-Logistics project, logistics indicators for the transport of hydrogen, from the production of green hydrogen to large industrial consumers, will be determined. This knowledge will support the economic development of an infrastructure for supplying large industrial consumers, such as steelworks, with green hydrogen.


Large industrial consumers from steel construction or the chemical industry can eliminate a significant part of their CO2 emissions by substituting fossil fuels with hydrogen. It is unclear so far how green hydrogen is delivered to steelworks. Various transport options, such as rail transport or pipelines, are available.

By means of simulation, it is being investigated how the transport modes can cover the transport demand for hydrogen. A special role is played by the transport containers and transshipment points, where energy and cargo losses lead to a reduction of the transported goods.

Role of the CML:

Fraunhofer CML develops realistic transport options, implements them in the Plant Simulation software and carries out the simulation experiments.

Project Consortium: 

The project team consists of the Fraunhofer IGP from Rostock and the Fraunhofer CML. The project is part of the overall project "Offshore Wind Energy Systems for Hydrogen Supply".

H2-Logistics is being funded as part of a special call by the AiF for the energy turnaround. The coordinating research association is FOSTA - Forschungsvereinigung Stahlanwendung e. V..