Project Description

Project Goals:

Development of a software solution that integrates two existing tools - layout planning software and logistics simulations. In this way, the strengths of both tools are used, weaknesses are eliminated and synergy effects arise (e.g. reduction of the modeling time for the simulation model).


Development of a solution that creates static layouts on a touch-sensitive and intuitive planning table and then transfers them directly into a functional dynamic simulation model with stored logistics strategies. In particular, these stored strategies are the main pillar in the integration, as they represent the missing link between layout planning and simulation. The software solution leads to considerable time savings in the planning of logistics nodes, since simulation models for logistics nodes usually have to be created in elaborate detail work (based on the layout) by experts.

Role of the CML in ISI-Plan:

With its knowledge of the processes and conditions in combined transport, the Fraunhofer CML contributes to ISI-Plan, creates the specifications for the simulations and tests the development stages.

Project Consortium:

Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML, Hamburg University of Technology, Institute for Maritime Logistics, INCONTROL, plavis, SGKV - Studiengesellschaft für den Kombinierten Verkehr e.V., Sächsische Binnenhäfen Oberelbe (associated), TriCon Container-Terminal Nürnberg (associated).

ISI-Plan is funded by the BMBF. Duration: September 2017 to December 2020.