Project Description

Project goal:

The maritime industry is experiencing rapid change driven by technological advances in navigation, communications and data processing. The RePo MAN project aims to capitalize on these advances by providing an innovative solution that combines AR and VR technology to remotely support ship captains with the expertise of a shore-based pilot.


In the RePo MAN project, a VR-based solution is being developed for pilots on land that gives the pilot a 360-degree all-round view as if he or she were actually standing on the bridge of the ship. The information required for this is provided by on-board cameras that simultaneously record and transmit the maritime environment. Other relevant nautical information is also transmitted and displayed on board.

AR technologies are used on board to enable dynamic, real-time route planning based on changing environmental conditions. Both applications focus on providing all the information that is crucial for situational awareness. 

Role of the CML in RePo MAN:

The CML is responsible for the research and development of interfaces in the areas of communication, visual representation and data transmission. From concept to implementation, we take the project forward.

Project consortium:

NOVIA University of Applied Sciences, Turku, and Fraunhofer CML.