Study "Terminal Operating Systems 2021"

Terminal Operating Systems 2021

An International Market Review of Current Software Applications for Terminal Operators.

A series of innovations over the last decade has made terminal operating systems (TOS) around the world more productive, lean and independent. Above all, the extensive data collection of technical and IT systems is now laying the foundation for the use of artificial intelligence. Goal-oriented data analysis enables almost infinite possibilities for gaining specific information and optimizing processes, and the development of AI use is far from complete. But more and more vendors and users of TOS are beginning to realize this enormous potential. They expect AI to open up opportunities for more coordinated and efficient operations, reduced energy consumption and seamless communications.


That's why this year's study on TOS focuses on the implications of AI on the way terminals are managed today and in the near future. It provides information about the systems on the market today and presents their respective capabilities in a clear and comparable way. In this way, the study also aims to provide a basis for selection and decision-making processes.


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Title:                           Terminal Operating Systems 2021

Authors:                     Patrick Zimmerman, Julius Küchle

Year of Publication:   2021

Language:                   English

Price:                           289 Euro