Our Services in the Innovation Field Ports

Current Challenges

A variety of factors influence ports and thus lead to changing market requirements - whether competitive pressure from other locations, sustainability requirements or the use of innovative technologies. A modern and efficient infrastructure is essential to ensure the competitiveness and thus the future of ports.

Why CML?

The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML develops innovative solutions for the maritime sector and the associated supply chain. Our interdisciplinary teams use their scientific expertise and over ten years of experience to design studies and strategies for port owners and terminal operators. We support you with reliable information and enable you to make strategic investment decisions for a future-proof location. Our experts use intelligent methods of data collection and evaluation, new software for monitoring and control as well as planning hardware. In the ports innovation field, these are

  • Planning tables
  • Simulation software
  • Quantum Computing
  • Artificial Intelligence

Added Value through Research

Our applied research answers customer questions about sustainable and efficient terminal processes and modern infrastructure. Our portfolio is broadly diversified, with a focus on analyzing and forecasting terminal processes and port locations. We make forecasts on traffic shifts, analyze new developments such as the use of hydrogen and advise on energy issues. For our customers, this means: cost savings through optimization.

Damage and condition analysis through automated image recognition

Image-based damage detection in empty container logistics.

Waiting time prediction for terminal gates

Reliable predictions thanks to AI.

Barrier-free platforms for data exchange

Optimization and improved data transparency of handling and transport processes in practice.

Development of hydrogen infrastructure in the port.

Interesting for large-scale consumers: Reducing CO2 emissions with hydrogen.

Hydrogen logistics: development of the maritime and hinterland transport chain

How can modes of transport meet the demand for hydrogen?

Analysis and reduction of energy consumption

Saving electricity and costs through intelligent energy management.

A Partner in Scientific Progress

With our range of services, we support you in the development and introduction of future-proof technologies, processes and products.

Ways to Work Together

We offer various forms of cooperation to suit your specific needs.