Ship and Information Management

Ship and Information Management

Ship and Information Management

Modern maritime information management on board and on land offers significant efficiency and economic profitability. The focus lies on personnel and procurement processes, that often represent large parts of the operational costs. The CML develops and pilots individual solutions for its customers to optimize business processes for the operation and control of shipping fleets.


Core Competences:

• Development of environments to support personnel requirement planning and crew scheduling decisions
• Mathematical optimization for planning decisions
• Strategic procurement planning for the supply of fleets
• Support with the conceptual design and optimization of after-sales services in the maritime supplier industry
• Development of new information and communication technologies

Actual Projects


ARTUS - Support for the sea rescuers

The CML is part of a project funded by the BMBF which is developing an automatic transcription solution for maritime radio traffic under the direction of the DGzRS. With the help of this technology, rescue units are provided with the contents of maritime radio messages in writing and simultaneously linked with sender information. The CML creates the basis for the neural network for speech recognition and supports transmitter localisation.


Information and communication: innovative technologies for greater security

Sea Traffic Management is the European research project to improve the exchange of information and the optimization of route guidance in maritime traffic.
The aim of STM Validation is to make international maritime traffic more ecological, economical and efficient.


Optimization of personnel deployment and maintenance

With SCEDAS, the CML has developed a compliance-compatible software solution for the mathematically optimized deployment planning of the personnel of large ship fleets. The PLAIN project, in which the planning of maintenance tasks is to be integrated into SCEDAS, follows on from this.


Digitalization of the maritime transport chain

The new research project "MISSION - Manage Information Seamlessly in Ports and Hinterlands" at the CML, funded by the national IHATEC programme for innovative port technologies, uses new technologies.

Current Studies, Products and References

White Paper Maintenance Management released

The CML presents in the white paper "Maintenance Management. Mathematically Optimized" the extension of the crew planning solution SCEDAS® by an optimized maintenance strategy. Up to 25% of the operating costs of ship operation can be attributed to unplanned maintenance. The addition of a technical management module enables the use of free personnel resources on board for planned maintenance measures and thus reduces expensive downtimes.

Ship Operation 4.0 - White Paper on Data-Based Efficiency Improvement in Ship Operation Published

 As the basis for the next leap in efficiency in maritime transport and the associated decline in ship operating costs, the focus is on the use of data in the operating phase of the ship. The comprehensive availability of digital data will result in far-reaching changes. The white paper "Ship Operation 4.0" deals with the new opportunities and challenges. The study is available from Fraunhofer Verlag.

Digitalization of Service in the Maritime Supplier Industry

The new VDMA study "Digitalization of Service in the Maritime Supply Industry" highlights important findings for the future of the maritime economy in Germany. The Fraunhofer CML supported the AG Marine Equipment and Systems of the VDMA in carrying out the study. 

Study Fleet Management Systems 2018

The latest issue of the study series "Fleet Management Systems" has been published! 

As with every new edition, we have identified new focal points and performance components of the software solutions this year: data integration and condition based maintenance. The study series examined 33 providers in 2011 and 38 providers in 2017/2018. Their confidence in the market is strong. While the estimated market growth for 2016 was expected to be between 5 and 11%, the expectations for 2018 are between 14 and 16%.  

"Fleet Management Systems 2018" is available in English as an EBook and in print at



The Fraunhofer CML presents the decision support system SCEDAS for the planning and documentation of working and rest times for each crew member of a ship fleet according to requirements.


Projects and Products

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