Our Services in the Innovation Field Autonomous Maritime Technologies

Current Challenges

Shipbuilding suppliers face many challenges. Covering the breadth of digitization options requires human resources that are not available to every company at all times. The CML's experts are available as an external research resource for individual developments, also together with our clients. Various testbeds are available in our modern laboratories, and we offer innovative cooperative opportunities for collaboration in Enterprise Labs.

Why CML?

The Fraunhofer Center for Maritime Logistics and Services CML develops innovative solutions for the maritime sector and the associated supply chain. Our researchers come from shipping and shipbuilding, robotics and computer science and are passionately committed to the development and implementation of new hardware solutions, for example for ship inspection and maintenance. They also integrate existing systems into the digital world using camera and sensor solutions. The experts use a comprehensive research infrastructure to solve logistical issues. In the innovation field of ship technology, these are specifically

  • ship handling simulators that are integrated into the European Maritime Simulator Network (EMSN), which is operated and established by the CML
  • autonomous research vessels
  • 3D printing laboratory
  • laboratory for transmission and direction finding technology: ship-to-shore communication
  • AR/VR Lab for the development and testing of virtual solutions for bridge and navigation

Added Value through Research

We are working on improving the ease and safety of maritime traffic and developing technologies for the operation of "autonomous ships". The focus of the Autonomous Maritime Technologies innovation field is on nautical safety and control.

Use of augmented and virtual reality in maneuvers and for training purposes

Innovative training concepts, simulation and automation

Assistance systems for the ship bridge

B0 - B ZERO: Unmanned. Watch-free. 8h

Augmented reality promotes secure processes

Use of remote-controlled tugs for berthing and casting off maneuvers of large ships

Air-induced friction-reducing ship coating

Air barriers reduce fuel consumption and thus exhaust emissions as well as the adhesion of biofouling

A Partner in Scientific Progress

With our range of services, we support you in the development and introduction of future-proof technologies, processes and products.

Ways to Work Together

We offer various forms of cooperation to suit your specific needs.