Digitisation and Port Technology - Port of the Future

Digitalisation holds great potential for making maritime transport chains more efficient, flexible and agile. It thus opens up the possibility for ports to meet the challenges of globalisation, demographic change and urbanisation.

With the help of digital solutions, the efficiency of the operation of a single port and its specific transport chains can already be increased, complex processes simplified or energy consumption reduced. In the international environment of the maritime economy, digital networking of seaports offers additional opportunities to improve efficiency and safety along the entire maritime transport chain. Through the targeted exchange of information and data, ports can develop and use new business models.


Augmented Reality in the Port: InnoportAR

Together with the Fraunhofer IML and other project partners, the CML determines which workflows in inland-ports and seaports can be supported by the use of augmented reality. Read the german press release here

Port Digitalisation

Fraunhofer CML and the Hamburg Port Authority have jointly published a book on the chances of digitizing seaports. It is available at www.verlag.fraunhofer.de. A brief insight can be found in our brochure.